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    • Our company is an integrated company specialized in the production of hardware;floor spring,patch fitting,door closer and bathroom fittings,etc.In the year 2001.It founded a new brand  KEDAO    Engineering Hardware.In February 2001,it carried out the certification of ISO9002 International Quality System and has implemented it entirely since then.In June 2001,it began to implement the CI project.Since July 2001, it has been engaged in China(Guang zhou)International Building and Decoration Fair with the national market strategy.April,2002 work with international market,sell goods to Africa, South-east Asia and Middle-EAST.In the year 2002,a new factory of the company was founded and put into use.
    • From the year 2003 to 2006,it has been awarded several countrywide certificates.
    • July,2005 open branches all over China,known well with buyer's demand.Thanks to over ten years'pioneering and intensive study,KEDAO Hardware has tended towards being mature and successful continuously.
    • Our factory processes advanced technology and equipment,rich practical experience,and a great team of highly qualified technology has been introduced,our production technology has reached the one-up level of the 21th centruy.KEDAO Hardware strives to keep innovating and perfection the products.With the characteristics of easy-function,cost-safety and high-quality,our products have been trusted and admired by customers.New development space has been explored.
    • Kedao Hardware keeps strengthening the quality-control and market terminal service. It utilizes the advertisement to set up more quickly its own brand.In order to make KEDAO Hardware more known in the market,we speed up the renewal of products and adjust the packing to show the characteristics of products and reduce copies by competitors.
    • 'Human-centered and technology prior is the tenet of KEDAO Hardware;'quality-foremost,being credible,considering the needs of customers and working it out as they need is the spirit of KEDAO Hardware.
    • The company will try every offort to desing and produce superior products and cooperate together with all the customers for mutual development.