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Announce new product--Fringerprint Lock

Simple, convenient, safe and reliable: no need for external wiring, especially increase the function of doorbell.
A variety of open methods: fingerprint, password, smart card, remote control as the key to open the door, can configure mobile phone APP remote unlocking. Farewell to the era of keys.
Low Power Consumption: It can work continuously for one year with four No. 5 dry batteries in normal use, and has low power reminder function.
Information Update: By setting, the original password, fingerprint, card, disable,
save the trouble of changing locks:
USB interface emergency power supply
Many people will have doubts. If the product battery is used up and the user forgets to replace it, which causes the product to stop using, please note that there is a USB interface at the bottom of the fingerprint lock, which can be used by charging treasure or charging line.
Restart and unlock the product
Optional remote control, easy to unlock while sitting