Glass Patch Fittings

Glass Patch Fittings

Glass door patch fittings are an important part of a glass structure that supports as well as lends a neat flexibility to the glass assembly. Cost-effective glass door patch fittings are used to fix a glass door or a glass sheet in various ways (depending on the application). Cost-effective Glass door patch fittings are ideal for creating visually attractive frameless glass solutions for offices, and internal/external doors. 

Where Are Glass Door Patch Fittings Generally Used?


Glass door patch fittings are commonly used in both commercial and residential applications to hold doors in frames or glass facades so as to achieve maximum glass area and transparency.  There are many different types of value for money glass door patch fittings available on the market, but they all serve the same purpose – to create a strong and reliable connection between two pieces of glass.

The Top Glass Door Patch Fittings Supplier


Kedao provides a complete selection of products for the most frameless glass configurations. We are the glass door patch fitting factory that deserves your truth. Our glass door patch fittings design is manufactured to meet the industry standard and deliver the ultimate in strength and reliability.